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Spring Cleaning

Do you buy into the whole 'Spring Cleaning' fab? Well for professional organizers, spring cleaning is like Christmas! That being said, I think it can get to be a little overwhelming too- just like Christmas :) so I've come up with a few tips and tricks to help keep it manageable!

  1. Declutter Before you Clean- there's no sense in cleaning things that you are just going to get rid of. And chances are, there are things you're going to get rid of!

  2. Go Room by Room- try not to take on too many projects at once; that's when it becomes overwhelming. Don't move on to the next space until you finish the one you started on.

  3. Spring Clean your Cleaning Products- this is the perfect chance to get rid of old or expired products. And all you really need anyways is a good multi-purpose cleaner.

Try to think of spring cleaning as a time to refresh your house. Spring is a time of blooming- new beginnings. Think of it the same way in regards to your house- a fresh, clean, new beginning. Not only will your house appreciate it, but your mind, body and soul will as well. A happy home = a happy life, so let your home blossom this spring.

Life is sweet when things are neat. Sarah


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