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Your personality should shine in each of your rooms and create a calm and relaxing

sanctuary for you to come home to every day. 

Sometimes a fresh perspective is all that’s needed to achieve this! 

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Using your own furniture, my styling/staging services include:

  • Refining your space to improve flow and function

  • Accessorizing to feature the items you love the most 

  • Staging your home to improve its appeal when you are about to sell


My goal is to help your space reflect who you are and give it some character! 



I want to make your space more inviting for people that will be visiting. I'll use your existing furniture to do just that, while creating a better flow throughout the space. 


My goal is to make your spaces reflect who you are. We can do that together by simply adding a few items that you love to the space. From there, we style and accessorize as necessary until you love the space. 

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