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One In... One Out

This is one rule organizers live by, and it can apply to all areas of your home, office, life, etc. Before you bring anything new in, you must get rid of something old first. It's a pretty simple rule. It just takes a little bit of practice, as with anything.

Think about it in terms of say, a junk drawer. It's so easy for stuff to pile up in the junk drawer because we just keep adding more and more. But picture this, before you can put that coupon in the drawer, you must first get rid of something else, say an old piece of mail, a pen that no longer writes, etc. One in... One out.

Another great area to practice this with is your closet. We all love buying new clothes, shoes, hats, etc. But what about that piece of clothing that's been hanging in the back of your closet, unworn, for 2 years? Think of this as the perfect opportunity to finally say goodbye. And once you do, you can buy that new shirt you've been eyeing. Make room for the new, by getting rid of the old.

Now at some point you may have reached your limit with old things you can get rid of, and that's great! But this is still the perfect time to take inventory of the space. Ask yourself a few questions. Do you really have room for what you're adding? Do you have a need for what you're buying? Can it take the place of something old? And so on. You can do this with any space- your closet, the pantry, the garage, your office, etc.

Believe me, I myself am still working on this. Ask the multiple pairs of shoes in my closet :) but it makes for good practice. It allows us to be more mindful with our stuff; and when we're more mindful, we can make better decisionsSo next time you're thinking about that new tool for the garage, a new pair of shoes, mail to add to the junk drawer, a document for your files, just remember the organizer's rule- one in, one out.

Life is sweet when things are neat.




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